Socket Preservation Procedure in Longmont, CO

When teeth need to be removed due to pain, infection, or injury, Dr. Andrus and Dr. Howard will often perform a socket preservation procedure to prevent deterioration of the bone structure where the tooth once was. Surrounding bone and gums can quickly shrink and recede when a tooth is removed, causing cosmetic defects as well as limiting options for replacement teeth options.

However, these issues can be prevented by a procedure called socket preservation. Socket preservation helps maintain the structural integrity and cosmetic appearance of the facial features while also providing strength and structure to support the placement of dental implants.

If your dentist is recommending tooth extraction, be sure to ask if socket preservation is necessary. Drs. Howard and Andrus are more than happy to work closely with your dentist to help preserve the strength of the surrounding bone with socket preservation, especially if dental implants are going to be placed.