Tooth Extractions in Longmont, CO

Reasons why a tooth needs extraction

A variety of reasons may require the removal of a tooth or several teeth. These included:

  • severe decay
  • advanced periodontal disease
  • a cracked tooth that cannot be repaired
  • improper position
  • the need to make room for orthodontic or other restorative treatment

Removing teeth can lead to a variety of other issues including difficulties with chewing, speaking, bone loss, shifting of surrounding teeth, and jaw pain, all of which can affect one’s overall health and quality of life.

Here at Longmont Oral, Facial and Implant Surgery, Drs. Andrus or Howard understand the impact tooth extraction can have on an individual and will discuss possible alternatives if available as well as options for replacement of the extracted tooth or teeth.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Teeth are removed under local anesthetic or sedation if needed. Once you are comfortable, Dr. Howard or Dr. Andrus will firmly grip the tooth and rock it back and forth to widen the socket which will allow for easier extraction of the tooth. If the tooth does not come out easily, suctioning may be required.

Most don’t feel pain during the removal process but may feel some pressure from the rocking and pulling of teeth. For details on home care after tooth removal, please see the page After Extractions under Surgical Instructions.