coDiagnostiX® Software in Longmont, CO

Here at Longmont Oral Surgery we are committed to providing the highest quality care with exceptional cosmetic results for those seeking dental implants. We also aim to accomplish our treatments comfortably, without multiple appointments or extended periods of time in the dental chair. To do so, we incorporate the latest technology and software to seamlessly collaborate with our dental implant team and outside laboratory network to provide our patients with the optimal results.

This integrated implant planning workflow includes the use of a software called coDiagnostiX®. Drs. Andrus and Howard have found that coDiagnostiX® offers unique, innovative benefits for dental implant planning. The coDiagnostiX® software increases efficiency and reduces chair time during the surgical procedure by allowing Drs. Andrus and Howard to plan dental implant insertion points precisely with predictable results.

As mentioned above, this sophisticated implant planning software helps the doctors design drill guides that increase safety and precision. The coDiagnostiX® software also delivers numerous measurements and superior planning functions. It has an implant database that includes many well-known manufacturers, and has precise analyzing capabilities. coDiagnostiX® is also CE marked and FDA approved.

We like the coDiagnostiX® software because:

  • It is Safe – coDiagnostiX® has several safety functions including an automatic nerve canal detection feature and other various functions that look out for other important structures within the mouth.
  • It is Quick – Restorations are customized immediately thanks to prosthetically-driven implant planning.
  • It is Intuitive – The coDiagnostiX® software is user-friendly and allows Drs. Andrus and Howard to customize the workflow for optimal efficiency and patient satisfaction.
  • It is Predictable – The comprehensive visualization and realistic implant planning allows the doctors at Longmont Oral Surgery to show patients what to expect and provide predictable results during surgical procedures.

Additionally, the groundbreaking software of coDiagnostiX® offers a guided surgery workflow that maximizes through fully digital collaborative planning. This integrates drill guides with prosthesis design and creation which in turn produces reliable, accurate results and enhanced quality of life and satisfaction of our patients.

With the use of coDiagnostiX® software in our dental implant planning, you can have trust and confidence that the surgeons here at Longmont Oral Surgery will deliver optimal results for your dental implant needs. Contact Us to learn more.