Wisdom Teeth Removal FAQs in Longmont, CO

Can I wait until my later adult years to have my wisdom teeth removed? 

Unfortunately, the longer wisdom teeth are present, the more anchored their roots get in the jawbone. Removal later in life can, therefore, be more difficult and painful. Recovery typically takes longer and complications more likely. Studies and our experience show that the younger you are when you have your wisdom teeth removed the less likely you are to experience complications and quicker you are to recover. To find out how we can help, click here.

What does wisdom tooth removal cost and is it covered by insurance?

Cost is influenced by a variety of factors that can differ among individuals. These include how many teeth need to be removed, what type of sedation will be used, etc… During your initial evaluation, a detailed estimate can be given based on your specific needs. In addition, if you have insurance, our staff at Longmont Oral, Facial and Implant Surgery will assist in helping you obtain the best coverage possible from your insurance carrier. Third-party financing from providers such as Care Credit may also be an option. 

What can I expect after wisdom teeth removal surgery?

While everyone recovers differently, most can expect some minor bleeding, swelling and discomfort or pain. See our page on After Wisdom Tooth Removal under the Surgical Instructions tab for more information and guidance on how to make your recovery go as smoothly as possible. 

Here at Longmont Oral, Facial and Implant Surgery, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about wisdom teeth and their removal during your consultation, before or after your procedure.